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Silky Saws
Silky Saws
Silky Saws
Ono Axe and Yoki Machette. Small in size big on ability!
Silky Saws
NEW, incredibly fast and easy to use, with a safety guard.
Silky Saws


Arborist handsaw of choice worldwide.


Silky Saws



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Big Boy Folding Saws
Bigboy 36cm Large Folding Saw from Japan is perfect for camping, backpacking & for survival. A big saw able to tackle small to large branches. Incredible cutting capacity, soon to become your best friend.

How to choose the correct tooth size: WATCH HERE  CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

Extra Large Tooth: These are to be used as an alternative to a small chainsaw. Sounds crazy. but trust me, you can cut a 30cm log with one of these.   Large Tooth: Large branches and sappy green wood are ideal to use this saw for.  Medium Tooth: Great general purpose, can cope with small branches and okay with large ones too. Fine Tooth: Small pruning, bamboo, carpentry, rope, plastic, PVC & DIY/Hobby

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Big Boy Carry Case
Always have your Silky Big Boy at hand firmly holstered in the BigBoy case that attaches to your belt. Don't leave you BigBoy in the dirt, put it back in the the Case

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EASy Surface Spray

Amazing cleaning product!.  Antibacterial & Anti Mould!
1.  This is fantastic to clean your tools and stop spreading disease.
2.  Amazing Mould killer.

100ml, great compact travel size
750ml, best general purpose size
5lt great as a refill & also good if treating very large areas

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Tuatahi Throwing Axe - Dragon Print
Each throwing axe is individually handcrafted by big strong men who are Axemen themselves! They have extensive knowledge on various wood types that are used around the world. These blades are made from the highest quality steel and are hand forged and heated individually. Each blade edge is chiseled to perfection and are ready to throw. The blade is 155mm and weighs around 1.3 kilograms. Secure your opportunity to own one today! Be one of the lucky few that get to boast that they own an amazing hand crafted Trophy piece. This one of a kind, hand burnt piece of art is breathtaking. From a distance you will be amazed, as it appears . The closer you get the more detail you will see and appreciate the skill the artist has to achieve this amazing realism. This piece is designed and patiently hand burned by one the best wood burners in the world. It is unique and one of a kind, waiting for you to be the lucky person to take it home.
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Nata Hatchet Axe

The Nata 180mm & 240mm axe is a great versatile tool. It is used for gardening and forestry, also used to for kindling and chop small logs, and pruning trees and bushes.

One part knife, one part axe, completely amazing. 

The squared design of the blade keeps the weight forward and provides better balance than a traditional machete. 


Single Edge Nata (557-18, 24)

Double Edge Nata (555-24)

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Kingi Working Axe - Tuatahi

Tautahi Kingi Working Axe - Used for splitting firewood, general forestry, farm work, clearing trails etc. 

They are extremely durable axes and can handle a wide variety of wood types, and are capable of cutting frozen wood! 

The Tuatahi Kingi has pre-formed wings (or sides) taken out of the axes. 

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Pocket Boy Folding Saws

Purple Handle Extra Fine Tooth  -  SKU 344-13 and SKU 344-17
Blue Handle Fine Tooth  -  SKU 342-13 and SKU 342-17
Black Handle Medium Tooth  -  SKU 340-13 and SKU 340-17
Red Handle Large Tooth  -  SKU 346-13 and SKU 346-17

Manufactured in Japan by Silky Saws, the Pocket Boy range is affectionately dubbed the Little Giant as it is often used for jobs that a much bigger saw would be used for.
Pocket Boys are available in different tooth sizes, blade length and handle colours. The handle colour is matched to the tooth size.
The blades of the Pocket Boys are available in 13cm and 17 cm lengths.
Pocket Boys are supplied in a perspex carry case that can be clipped to the belt or there is a hole in the handle for a carabiner clip
Click on selection boxes for your blade length and tooth size
Pocket Boy Review
Luke C.V: "How can one saw be so versatile? It is convenient and compact. It is the saw I grab first for most jobs."

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Ono Axe

While small and compact, this feisty chunk of Japanese craftsmanship won’t let you down when it comes to clearing trails or cutting up small timber for that evening fire. From the moment you handle this fine tool, you will know it is destined for your next venture into the great outdoors.

Ideal for de-limbing or chopping and splitting wood. Also good for making a shelter, construction or spiltting a carcass down the backbone.

Something that your friends are bound to want!


Code: (568-10)


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Sugowaza 420mm Curved Hand Saw with Safety Guard

The Sugowaza means 'Amazing'

The Sugowaza is a modified Sugoi with a cross-guard designed for working in slippery conditions, to prevent the hand slipping on the blade. The cross guard is also designed to protect gloves from accidental cuts. Great for those who work around power lines or with power lines.

The Sugowaza 420mm has a super smooth tooth pattern that cuts super fast. This makes it ideal for pruning large limbs. 

The Sugowaza offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw – a little more effort but more peaceful, no fuel cost and much more rewarding! 


•Cross bar (slip guard)  •Best used in slippery conditions  •Bright orange scabbard  •Leg straps attachement loops (order them separately)

SKU: 419-42

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Sintung Heavy Gauge Lopper Head for Hayauchi
Heavy duty version of Sintung Ratchet Tree Pruner

WATCH VIDEO: How to use Sintung lopper - WATCH HERE

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Bionic Bloom - Ladies
Easy to wear and to wash. It incorporates a tough Synthetic Palm and silicone dot fingers to provide extra protection. Color pink or green.
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