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Silky Saws
Silky Saws
Ono Axe and Yoki Machette. Small in size big on ability!
Silky Saws
NEW, incredibly fast and easy to use, with a safety guard.
Silky Saws


Arborist handsaw of choice worldwide.


Silky Saws


REMEMBER, Silky Saws make great gifts!
Clogger Zero Pants

Fantastic in hotter climates

Clogger’s new, lightweight, premium arborist chainsaw trouser. Cool, light and durable.
The weight reduction hasn’t been at the expense of the safety protection. Instead weight has been saved by scouring the world for light and strong stretch fabrics, for highly abrasion resistant fabrics that weigh less and refining some of the features from the well-known Ascend. The result: chainsaw trousers that weigh less than 1kg, are cooler and more durable but are still fully certified.
Lightweight; made with new generation Lightweight Arrestex HP chainsaw protective fabric – total garment weight is less than 1kg.
A style chainsaw protection; frontal protection only where it is mostly needed.
Large cooling vents; Bigger rear cooling vents allows body heat to escape faster keeping you fresher.

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Prabos Extreme Waterproof Chainsaw Protection Boots
Prabos Extreme Class 2 Chainsaw Protection Waterproof Boots

  • Kevlar Class 2 chainsaw protection cloth completely surrounding each foot

  • Steel toecap and steel plate

  • Nitrile rubber, anti-static and oil resistant heel and soles with non-slip tread pattern

  • Four layer GORE-Tex inner membrane providing a breathable and waterproof barrier

  • 2.4mm and 2.6mm thick breathable and water resistant leather

  • Extra rub resistant pads for ankle protection and to reduce wear from spike iron abrasion

  • Extra arch support and straight cut heel

  • Two years manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects

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Katana Boy Folding Saws

Translated into English, Katana means the curved, single-edge sword used by Samurai, their weapon of choice.

In tree talk, we simply say “man-powered chain saw.” This beefy, two-handed folding saw from Silky is currently the biggest in its class.  

Available in two lengths: standard with a huge 500mm blade and gigantic with a 650mm blade

It is the largest folding saw on the market today

Five features that will help you choose a Katana Boy

  • Huge folding saw with its own carry bag that will fit under the seat of the 4WD

  • Possibly the largest folding saw in the world - A jaw dropping sight when extended

  • Easy maintenance and sharpenable blade

  • Cuts through a 50cm tree or branch like a knife through hot butter

  • Safety features to protect you, your hands and the blade.

SKU: Katana Boy 500mm (403-50)

SKU: Katana Boy 650mm (710-65)


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Yoki Axe
Yoki Axe
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Sugowaza 420mm Curved Hand Saw with Safety Guard
The Sugowaza means 'Amazing'


 The Sugowaza is a modified Sugoi with a cross-guard designed for working in slippery conditions, to prevent the hand slipping on the blade. The cross guard is also designed to protect gloves from accidental cuts. Great for those who work around power lines or with power lines.


The Sugowaza 420mm has a super aggressive tooth pattern. This makes it ideal for pruning large limbs. 

The Sugowaza offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw – a little more effort but more peaceful, no fuel cost and much more rewarding! 




•Cross bar (slip guard)

•Best used in slippery conditions

•Bright orange scabbard

•Comes with no leg straps (order them separably) 

•Only one size - 420mm 

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Ono Axe
Ono Axe
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