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10 gifts that are better than a BOTTLE OF BUBBLY!
Hook Fox for Pole Saws

Hook Fox for Pole Saws. Great tool to attach to your pole saw.

This will fit on all Silky pole saws. The Hook Fox is designed to help move things around a tree. If you need to pull a dead branch or palm frond out of a tree this is perfect to use. If you need to lift a branch to release a jammed chainsaw this will do the trick. If you need a lever for lifting this will work great!

(BEWARE THIS IS AN ALUMINIUM TELESCOPIC POLE. Do not use for lifting power lines or use within 20 metres of power lines)

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Bionic IGC
Easy to wear and to wash. It incorporates a tough Synthetic Palm and silicone dot fingers to provide extra protection. Color pink or green.
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Gift Voucher

Buying gifts can be tricky!  Especially when they drop hints that they want something fantastic from our site but then they don't specify exactly what it is that they want.  Arrrh too many choices! 

Why not let them choose with an awesome gift voucher.  It can be an ideal present for that special someone for any occasion.  Plus we have made it super easy by adding a small message to your gift wrapped voucher.  Choose out of 6 neat messages.

We can send your voucher as a eGift card or post it out FREE of charge.  These vouchers can be used on our online store or or in our showroom in Capalaba, Brisbane.  

WATCH VIDEO: Silky Saws Gift Ideas - WATCH HERE 

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Pocket Boy Folding Saws

Manufactured in Japan by Silky Saws, the Pocket Boy range is affectionately dubbed the Little Giant as it is often used for jobs that a much bigger saw would be used for.

Pocket Boys are available in different tooth sizes, blade length and handle colours. The handle colour is matched to the tooth size. Pocket Boys are supplied in a perspex carry case that can be clipped to the belt or there is a hole in the handle for a carabiner clip.

Click on selection boxes for your blade length and tooth size

WATCH VIDEO: How to use a Pocket Boy Saw - WATCH HERE 

344-13 7 344-17 Extra F/T. Minimum Postage: $6.50, Average Postage: $8.30

342-13 & 342-17 F/T. Minimum Postage : $6.50, Average Postage : $8.30

340-13 & 340-17 M/T. Minimum Postage: $6.50, Average Postage: $8.30

346-13 & 346-17 L/T. Minimum Postage:$6.50, Average Postage: $8.30

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EASy Clean Packs
This is an amazing product that prevents and cleans mould.  As a side bonus it also purifies the air you breathe and kills black mould.  

100% Natural, 100% Australian Made and owned and 100% Brilliant!

Mould does not die when bleached, the colour is simply gone, but the mould remains and grows, continuing to make you unwell and cause problems.  Eliminate this problem with EASy No Mould.

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Hayate Pole Saws: Telescopic

This is Silky's strongest and fastest cutting telescoping pole saw available on the market today.  Perfect for professionals and incredible for home gardeners.  

Palm fronds and nut pods wont know what hit them!

This is the strongest and fastest telescoping pole saw available on the market today. 

Comes complete with saw blade, scabbard, sickle and extension pole

SKU 370-42  Hayate 3.8mtr Telescopic Pole Saw  Exploded View

SKU 371-42  Hayate 5.0mtr Telescopic Pole Saw  Exploded View

SKU 372-42  Hayate 6.1mtr Telescopic Pole Saw  Exploded View

SKU 377-42  Hayate 7.7mtr Telescopic Pole Saw  Exploded View

All parts are replaceable

Optional attachments: Hook Fox - A hook designed as a manoeuvering device. To lift branches or move ropes or cable. To order click on HookFox

EASy Saw cleaner - To order click on EASy Spray

Hayate 3.8m weight: 2.1 kgs

Hayate 5.1m weight: 3.2 kgs

Hayate 6.1m weight: 4.0kgs

Hayate 7.7m weight: 5.0kgs

WATCH VIDEO: How to use a Silky Hayate Pole Saw- WATCH HERE 

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