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Okatsune Holster for Pruners

-Holster medium size: Suitable for: Okatsune pruners 101 & 103 and all snips Length: 210 mm Weight: 50 gr Material: leather Color: lightbrown

-Holster large size: Suitable for Okatsune pruners 103 & 104. Length: 235 mm Weight: 65 gr Material: leather Color: lightbrown

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Okatsune Sharpening Stone

Okatsune Whetstone

Code 412

The Okatsune grit sharpening stone has a grit of #400. It is perfect for secateurs and shears.   Wetstones are harder to use, but give a briliant result so worth the effort!

Wet the stone a lot before you go to use it and dont use too much force.  Sharpen on one side and then glide it over the other side, simply to remove the burr.    

15cm's long.


Note:  Dropping this stone is a bad idea!




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EASy Saw Cleaner
Amazing cleaning product!. Anti Viral, Antibacterial & Anti-Mould! 


1. This is amazing for cleaning your home and stopping the spread of disease.

2. Also incredible for cleaning your tools and stopping the spreading disease from tree to tree. 

2. Amazing Mould and Fungi killer. 

100ml - great compact travel size -SKU:- EAS100

750ml - best general purpose size- SKU:- EAS750 

5L - great as a refill & also good if treating very large areas -SKU:-EAS5L

WATCH VIDEO: How to use EASy Cleaner Spray to clean your Silky Saw - WATCH HERE

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Pocket Boy curve

Known as the Little Giant, you will be amazed by what it can cut. A very useful tool to have around the garden for small gardening work. If you enjoy, camping, hiking even 4wding, this compact, convenient folding saw could be all you need. NOW AVAILABLE IN A CURVE blade.  Great for cutting above your head or below your waist. The curved Pocket Boy is only available in the large tooth size. 

If you are after this tooth size and style in a curved blade but a longer blade.  Please look at the Gomboy Curved range.  This has the same blade but longer.

Click this link to see Gomboy Curved Folding saws. 

The Pocketboy is also available in a straight blade with different tooth sizes.  

Click this link to see Straight Blade Pocket Boys.  

WATCH VIDEO: How to use the NEW Silky Pocket Boy Curve - WATCH HERE 


Minimum postage: $6.50

Average postage: $8.30

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Gomtaro Straight Blade Large Tooth Handsaws

Brilliant general purpose pruning saw for the professional user or home gardener.

Includes new style hold fast scabbard with roller to lock your Gomtaro in place.

Available in 5 blade lengths: 18cm, 21, 24, 27 and 30cm

The Gomtaro comes with scabbard (sheath)


Minimum:- $6.50

Average:- $9.00

WATCH VIDEO: Tools For Harvesting Olive Trees - WATCH HERE 

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Sharpening File 150mm

As you know, you can't sharpen every Silky Saw

How do I know if I can sharpen my Silky Saw?

1. Look at the tips of the teeth. If they are dark and look a little grey they no doubt have been hardened. (This means you cannot sharpening they easily). 

2. If you saw is new the packaging will tell you. 

3. If unsure check the catalogue, it will also tell you. 

3. If we have now confused you, email or call us ([email protected])

When Sharpening your saw, Silky Japan recommends that you only file the top edge for the first 2 times that you sharpen a blade.

Do not attempt the side angles as this will dramatically alter the way it cuts. If you feel it needs it you can do the sides on the 3rd or 4th sharpen 

SKU 950-02-64

WATCH VIDEO: How to sharpen a Silky Saw - CLICK HERE:  



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