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Fathers Day Presentl
Fathers Day Presentl
Ultra Accel
Okatsune Secateurs
Deejo Knife Tattoo Set
Silky Saws

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10 gifts that are better than a BOTTLE OF BUBBLY!
Free Gift Wrapping and Card
Yes it's true, FREE gift wrapping and small card is available for your ATC Products purchase. 
If you need to send a gift and want to have it wrapped with a quirky little card, choose the style of wrapping and the card thats right for you and we will wrap it with care, enclose it in packaging and send it directly to you or your lucky recipient.  

There are five options for men and five for ladies.

Say thank you in style.

And no, you can't mix and match....   Hmmm on second thoughts, of course you can. Just leave us a message in the comment section when you check out!  Happy shopping.

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Sugowaza 420mm Curved Hand Saw with Safety Guard

The Sugowaza means 'Amazing'

Sugowaza is a modified Sugoi with a cross-guard designed for working in slippery conditions, to prevent the hand slipping on the blade. The cross guard is also designed to protect gloves from accidental cuts. Great for those who work around power lines.

The Sugowaza 420mm has a
super smooth tooth pattern that cuts super fast. This makes it ideal for pruning large limbs. 

Sugowaza offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw – a little more effort but more peaceful, no fuel cost and much more rewarding! 

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Gift Voucher

Buying gifts can be tricky!  Especially when they drop hints that they want something fantastic from our site but then they don't specify exactly what it is that they want.  Arrrh too many choices! 

Why not let them choose with an awesome gift voucher.  It can be an ideal present for that special someone for any occasion.  Plus we have made it super easy by adding a small message to your gift wrapped voucher.  Choose out of 6 neat messages.

We can send your voucher as a eGift card or post it out FREE of charge.  These vouchers can be used on our online store or or in our showroom in Capalaba, Brisbane. 

WATCH VIDEO: Silky Saws Gift Ideas - WATCH HERE 

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Nata Hatchet Axe

The Nata 150mm, 180mm & 240mm axe is a great versatile tool. It is used for gardening and forestry, also used to for kindling and chop small logs, and pruning trees and bushes.

One part knife, one part axe, completely amazing. 

The squared design of the blade keeps the weight forward and provides better balance than a traditional machete. 

WATCH VIDEO: How to use a Silky Nata Axe - WATCH HERE 

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Ono Axe

While small and compact, this feisty chunk of Japanese craftsmanship won’t let you down when it comes to clearing trails or cutting up small timber for that evening fire. From the moment you handle this fine tool, you will know it is destined for your next venture into the great outdoors.

Ideal for
de-limbing or chopping and splitting wood. Also good for making a shelter, construction or splitting a carcass down the backbone.

WATCH VIDEO: How to use a Silky Ono Axe - WATCH HERE 

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Sugoi Curved Blade Handsaws

Silky Saws

The Sugoi is nicknamed by arborists as "Tree Tiger" due to its super fast cutting teeth and yellow-orange tiger stripes on the rubber handle. Ideal for pruning large limbs and assisting on larger removals, with a knife blade hook on the tip it will prevent you from ever slipping out of a cut again! 

Sugoi is a genuine alternative to a small chainsaw – your neighbours will agree that it is more peaceful.  You will notice there are no fuel and oil costs, it works everytime you get it out and is much more rewarding!

Find out why people are falling in love with this saw!

360mm & 420mm Curved Hand Saw with scabbard and leg strap loops.

WATCH VIDEO:Silky Saws Sugoi Sheath breakdown- 

WATCH VIDEO: Tools For Harvesting Olive Trees - WATCH HERE

Average Postage $9

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Silky Pole Saws