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Rechargeable Torch
Rechargeable torch lamp ‘Vision’. Anodised aluminium handle. 10 Watt LED XPE. 3 lightning modes (100%-30%-Blinking). Focus system. It operates with a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery (included).



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Beer Growler uKeg 64 Matte-Black
Growlerwerks have found a way to make drinking beer fancy!  Step aside all you wine drinkers it is now super classy to have a glass of beer when at home or out and about.  This striking matt black with brass fitting uKeg mini will keep your carbonated beer fresh for up to 2 weeks and for up to 8 hours. 

Capacity for 4-5 beers, and a classic style with the matte black finish design.  It has a durable, double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps beer cold.  Growlerwerks automatic CO2 regulator cap handles the carbonation.  

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Akinod Straight Magnetic Cutlery 12H34 Olivewood

Beautiful cutlery set to carry on your handbag for eating out without sharing or using others. The perfect tool to avoid germ contamination as well as reducing plastic. 

Thickness when closed (cm) 1.80

Product length when closed (cm) 18.00

Width when closed (cm) 3.30

Weight (g) 122.00

SKU: AO1T-001

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Silky Zubat Curved Handsaws

The Zubat is a curved full-tang handsaw that has been crafted in Japan.  It is suitable for all pruning and trimming tasks, including cutting large branches.

Known worldwide as a precision handsaw used in Arboriculture, Forestry, Gardening, general pruning and farming

All curved saws work best when cutting above your shoulders or below your waist. The shape of the blade naturally cuts into the branch as you pull the saw towards you.

If you are after a strong saw that is easy to use when camping or caravanning look no further.  To clear branches that maybe going to hit the top of your camper or tent, this shaped saw is ideal.  Being a fixed saw it is easy to control and there is less chance of broken blades. 

WATCH VIDEO: Difference between Silky Sugoi, Tsurugi Curve and Zubat Arborist Saw - WATCH HERE 

Leg straps are available separately in the parts section (Code 506-04-14)

The Zubat comes with scabbard (sheath)

Postage:-Average Postage: $9.00

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EASy Saw Cleaner
Amazing cleaning product!. Anti Viral, Antibacterial & Anti-Mould! 


1. This is amazing for cleaning your home and stopping the spread of disease.

2. Also incredible for cleaning your tools and stopping the spreading disease from tree to tree. 

2. Amazing Mould and Fungi killer. 

100ml - great compact travel size -SKU:- EAS100

750ml - best general purpose size- SKU:- EAS750 

5L - great as a refill & also good if treating very large areas -SKU:-EAS5L

WATCH VIDEO: How to use EASy Cleaner Spray to clean your Silky Saw - WATCH HERE

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Sugoi Curved Blade Handsaws

Silky Saws

The Sugoi is nicknamed by arborists as "Tree Tiger" due to its super fast cutting teeth and yellow-orange tiger stripes on the rubber handle. Ideal for pruning large limbs and assisting on larger removals, with a knife blade hook on the tip it will prevent you from ever slipping out of a cut again! 

Sugoi is a genuine alternative to a small chainsaw – your neighbours will agree that it is more peaceful.  You will notice there are no fuel and oil costs, it works every time you get it out and is much more rewarding!

The Sugoi comes with scabbard 

Find out why people are falling in love with this saw!

360mm & 420mm Curved Hand Saw with scabbard and leg strap loops.

WATCH VIDEO:Silky Saws Sugoi Sheath breakdown- 

WATCH VIDEO: Tools For Harvesting Olive Trees - WATCH HERE

Average Postage $9

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