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Okatsune Long Nose Snips

They are very light and razor-sharp floral snips with long blade, designed for picking flowers, herbs and deadheading. These are not suitable for cutting hard (woody) stems. For this purpose you would suggest your use the 307 Short nose snips.

The pointed, extremely thin blades (2.3 mm) ensure that you can reach even the tightest spaces. 

You will love these snips.  They are so handy for so many different uses.  Keep them in your kitchen to cut up herbs, cut off zipties from children's toys or open plastic packaging, like the packets that batteries come in. They make the most wonderful and handy gift!!


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Gift Voucher

Buying gifts can be tricky!  Especially when they drop hints that they want something fantastic from our site but then they don't specify exactly what it is that they want.  Arrrh too many choices! 

Why not let them choose with an awesome gift voucher.  It can be an ideal present for that special someone for any occasion.  Plus we have made it super easy by adding a small message to your gift wrapped voucher.  Choose out of 6 neat messages.

We can send your voucher as a eGift card or post it out FREE of charge.  These vouchers can be used on our online store or or in our showroom in Capalaba, Brisbane. 

WATCH VIDEO: Silky Saws Gift Ideas - WATCH HERE 

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Deejo Watch Movement Black Carbon Knife 37g
Carbon fiber Front Handle with Black Finish Stainless Back Handle
Dimensions: 9.5 cm blade, 11 cm closed, 20.5 cm open, 0.9 cm thickness

Weight: 37 gr

SKU: 1GC010
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Silky Pocket Boy Gift Pack
Starting at: $5.00
The Silky Pocket Boy Gift Pack is a gift for the gardener in your family.  This beautiful gift box has a internal draw which fits the Pocket Boy 130mm perfectly.  When the lucky person who receives this gift takes the Pocket boy out, it will reveal a stunning image which resembles both the Silky Tooth and the famous Mt Fuji in Japan.  The ultimate gift pack!

The Purple handle has extra fine teeth.  This is ideal for fine, small branches and hard wood, like carpentry, bamboo, bone and small palm fronds.

The Blue handle has fine teeth.  This is ideal for small branches and larger hard wood, bamboo, bone and palm fronds.

The Black handle has large teeth.  This is ideal for medium-sized branches.  The best general purpose tooth size.

The Red handle has extra large teeth.   It is ideal for large branches and very sappy timber. 

The Yellow handle has extra large teeth.  Please note:-This one has a curved blade. 

Please note: The Pocketboy 130mm comes with a clear plastic carry case 

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C.A.M Green bird Pajaro
Green bird ornament designed by C.A.M.
Size (cm) 37x10

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Akinod Straight Magnetic Cutlery 12H34 Downtown Black

Beautiful cutlery set to carry on your handbag for eating out without sharing or using others. The perfect tool to avoid germ contamination as well as reducing plastic. 

Thickness when closed (cm) 1.80

Product length when closed (cm) 18.00

Width when closed (cm) 3.30

Weight (g) 122.00

SKU: AO1M-011

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Silky Pole Saws