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Camping Folding Saws

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4 great saw options if you are going camping. These are the folding saw suggestions, starting from the smallest to the largest. Choose between these saws based on your storage abilities and your cutting needs. The longer the blade the faster your cutting will be as you have more teeth going through the timber. But remember the longer the blade the more control you will need to have to prevent pushing too hard and damaging your blade.

Folding saws are super convenient as they are compact and easily slip into a pocket or backpack. The blade is always protected and you don't have a case to lose.

The pocket boy we nick name 'the little giant' as you will not believe what you can cut with such a small saw.

The Gomboy is a hard working little guy. Super compact but will tackle both dead and live wood. Great for most bushcraft needs and excellent for firewood collection.

The Bigboy is brilliant as an alternative to a small chainsaw and for reaching up high.

The Katana boy know......just, amazing! The coolest looking saw ever and makes any sawing task just a whole lot of fun! Step aside chainsaw, we have the man powder chainsaw that doesn't smell, slips under the seat and works every time with no need to carry back up oil or fuel.

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All saws mentioned are folding saws. They have the special Gom rubber handles with gives exceptional comfort when cutting. The saws have NON - set teeth. You can NOT sharpen the Pocket Boy, Gomboy or Bigboy. The Katana 500 CAN be sharpened. These are all PULL saws, do not put excessive pressure on the forward stroke as this can cause the blade to be damaged. All pressure should be as you are drawing the blade toward yourself. These saws are designed to do the work for you, so only a very small amount of pressure is required as you PULL the blade. When you push it you are simply clearing the wood out of the teeth. Blades are all hollow ground which will reduce the chance a getting the blade stuck while cutting. There is a protective coating on all 4 blades, but we still strongly recommend that all saw blades are cleaned after use with the EASy cleaning spray and then sprayed with a Lanolin lubricant.

Become one of the lucky people today, who get to know what a Silky experience is all about!

Pocket Boy Black 170mm

Blade length:- 170mm or 6.7 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:- 10/8.5


Gomboy Black 210mm

Blade length:-210mm or 8.3 inches

Teeth per mm/in:- 10/8.5


Bigboy Black

Blade length:-360mm or 14.2 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:-10/8.5


Katanaboy 500

Blade length:- 500mm or 19.7 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:-5/4.2


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