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Palm Tree Pole Saws For Pools

Pools and Palms


there is no doubt that a pool with numerous palms around it gives that magical feeling of being in the Caribbean, or perhaps some far away retreat up in the Daintree Forest.


It is certainly a pleasure when you are on holiday or visiting friends, but not so nice when the fruit from the palms has congregated in the pool, ended up jamming the pump, causing a failure and a couple of grand to fix everything.


Not to mention that every time you need them trimmed you may as well leave your credit card with the contractor.


But what a pain. They are up about six metres in the air and the daredevil days of your youth climbing trees and ladders is long gone. And there is no way you are going to risk the son on some harebrained scheme to remove the seed pods before the bats come along to chitter and chatter all night as they take advantage of the feast of seeds.


You need a Silky Pole Saw to eliminate those dead fronds and seed pods while you are standing safely on the ground.


I’m not talking about some half baked swimming pool pole with a saw attached that falls apart the first time you use it. I’m talking about a quality commercial saw that will extend to 7.7 metres, that is an investment ranging from $300 to $550 depending on how high you want to go. These pole saws, with a little bit of care and attention after use will last you a lifetime. They are designed and made in Japan and are built to last.