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Videos and Information About Different ATC products

How to Sharpen Okatsune Pruning Tools

With a marvellous video from the President of Okatsune Japan, Nita and Shenae introduce you to the easy way to sharpen your Okatsune Pruning Tools with their quirky shenae-igans along the way.

How to Choose Your Silky Zubat Pruning Saw

The Silky Zubat Japanese Pruning Handsaws come in a number of configurations for blade length and tooth size. Nita and Shenae take you through the way to decide which Silky Zubat will be best for your purpose.

Silky Gomboy Curved vs Silky Ultra Accel (UPDATE to previous VIDEO)

Weight Weight Weight, the three keywords to keep in mind when you create your bugout bag. That's three good reasons to have another look at the Silky Ultra Accel Folding Saw

How to prune Bonsai Tree

Hard to say where the art of Bonsai originated, but the name indicates Japan

What better place to source tools for Bonsai than Okatsune and Silky Saws, master toolsmiths from Japan

Hand saws for plumbing

MINI MINI Hobby Saw - Plastic Fantastic for cutting PVC, irrigation pipe, plastics of all kinds. Mini Mini is PERFECT for anyone looking for a light and compact saw.

One of those very useful tools to have around your yard and in your tool kit.

What cuts Bromeliad Pups Easiest

Nita and Shenae show some fantastic tools to use when growing Bromeliads

From the Pocket Boy straight blade, the Baladeo Billhook Knife to the Mini Mini Hobby Saw

NEW nickel coating for Silky Saws

Silky Japan is now coating all saws with the same coating they use on nickels (coins). The new electroless nickel coating process allows the entire blade, even the teeth to be covered.

This new coating over the Silky blade, provides superior wear and rust resistance for improved cutting performance and extended blade life.

NEW Sugoi 330mm Hand Saw

The brand new design for the Silky Sugoi "Tree Tiger" is now available. Available in the Professional range of saws it has a blade length in the sweetspot for arborists of 33 cm.

There are numerous enhancements to make this an outstanding saw for professional or home use.

BUSHFIRES: Tools to use

A customer called early January 2020, telling us that he was trying to clear trees around their home as the fires were coming. Their chainsaw broke down and if only he had known about Silky Saws he would have been able to keep going! He said, "if only someone had told him about these alternatives to Chainsaws before!" See the Genki 50 cm Blade Hand Saw by clicking the link.

How to find parts on a Silky Pole Saw

As with all quality products you purchase, you want to know that there are replacement parts available in case you need them. Silky Pole Saws from Japan have all replacement parts available in our warehouse at Capalaba Brisbane. To help you locate the part you may need, Pole Saw Exploded Views are available by clicking the link.

Silky Saws and Castellari Loppers and Secateurs

The perfect pruning combination for the serious gardener. Silky Saws and Castellari Tools are commercial grade tools used by orchardists and forestry farms throughout the world. See why with Nita and Shenae.

EASy Cleaner and Oils

A natural Cleaner with so many uses EASy Cleaner is revealed by Shenae and Nita as a versatile product perfect for tasks from cleaning Silky Saw to stopping geckos from shorting out your air-conditioner circuit board.

Silky Ibuki - New Design

Revved up with a new tooth design and a RED scabbard, the Ibuki 390mm offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw – a little more effort but more peaceful. No fuel cost and much more rewarding! Suitable for serious pruning tasks, ideal for aggressive cutting and efficient chip removal.

Castellari Loppers

From Italy with love, Castellari are the Ferrari powerhouse lopper, not yet well recognized in Australia. But for those who have discovered Castellari and experienced the power to weight ratio, strength and & reduced cutting effort all the other loppers stay in the shed. Built to last from the land of olives.

Silky Sugowaza Hand Saw and Sheath

The Sugowaza is a modified Sugoi with a cross-guard designed for working in slippery conditions, to prevent the hand slipping onto the blade. The cross guard is also designed to protect gloves from accidental cuts.

How to Clean Your Silky Saw

Jannita gives you a number of hints and tips on how remove sap and clean your Silky Saw and how to keep it rust free,looking brand new.

Sharpening a Silky Saw

There are two, mostly little known tips for sharpening Silky Saws that will have you re-sharpening your Silky like a metate. A metate is a Japanese Master Sawyer.
If you ignore these tips, you will be missing the secret sauce that makes sharpening Japanese tri-edge, pull saws easy.

Chainsaw Protection Gear with Nita and Sheane

It's always after the event that we regret not taking the time to have insurance. What better insurance to have when using a chainsaw can you get than chainsaw resistant protective equipment. A small investment, that if not used - meaning not compromised by a chainsaw, will last many years. From boots to pants to chaps. See them with Shenae and Nita.

What you can do with Bamboo and the saws to use.

Making a weeder with Bamboo and re-purposing some items you may be hanging onto.

How to use a Silky Hayate Pole Saw

It's all about the Hayate Pole saw, what are the differences and why you would choose this telescopic Silky Hayate Professional Pole Saw.

How to extend a Silky Pole Saw

Nita & Shenae show how you extend a Silky Pole Saw. This will apply to ALL Silky telescopic Pole Saws - Hayate, Hayauchi, Forester, Longboy and Zubat Pole Saw. Shenae will show you the trick to extending a Silky Pole Saw made it quick and easy to get the job done.

Difference between Silky Sugoi, Tsurugi Curved and Zubat Arborist Saw

Nita and Shenae explain why you would own these 3 saws and what the difference is between them. Surely just one of them is sufficient, well watch and find out!

How to use a Silky Ono Axe and NEW Silky Pocket Boy Curve

What a combination, the Silky Ono Axe and the Silky Pocket Boy Curved. Both compact size, but they both pack a big punch. In fact if I was to describe them I'd call them the "Bruce Lee" of the outdoor world. In fact the Pocket Boy is known as the "Little Giant". Hmm we should work on a descriptive name for the Silky Ono.
There's an added bonus where Jannita shows you the Kingi Axe.

How to use a Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw

The Hayauchi Telescopic Pole Saw has a 390mm Blade with Large Aggressive cutting teeth. This saw is designed and made in Japan. It is perfect for commercial or home use. From Palms to large gums, you will be amazed what this pole saw will tackle!

Choose the best blade for your Hayauchi Pole Saw

How many blade options can one pole saw have, well this week we show you. This saw is designed and made in Japan. It is perfect for commercial or home use. From Palms to large gums, you will be amazed what this pole saw will tackle!

Which pole saw is best for Pruning Fruit Trees?

Nita and Shenae review Silky's range of Pole Saws suited for pruning Fruit Trees. Check out all the specs and handy tips about these saws.

Quick video of the Sintung Lopper for the Hayauchi Pole Saw in use

The Sintung Lopper is designed to be used with the Hayauchi Pole Saw. The lopper fits quickly and easily. Most loppers used on telescopic poles require you to have three hands to use. The Sintung Lopper is unique being a ratchet lopper. Just bite the blade into the branch, let the spring bring the lopper position to the next notch on the ratchet and pull down again.

Sintung Ratchet Lopper and the Silky Hayauchi Pole

The Sintung Lopper is designed to be used with the Hayauchi Pole Saw. The lopper fits quickly and easily. With most loppers you have to have arms 3 metres long to be able to cut through a 30mm branch. This makes it extremely difficult to juggle a 6 metre pole with a lopper on the end of it and pull the rope far enough to cut through that overhanging branch. See how a Sintung Ratchet lopper solves this problem

Silky Tsurugi Curved Hand Saw

The Silky Tsurugi was originally designed as a request from an arborist in Cairns. They wanted a saw for de-nutting coconuts. A saw that is strong with a narrow profile, top of the blade to teeth tips. This was required to get in between palm fronds without damaging them. It also had to have different length blades. The Tsurugi has proved to be quite versatile and is now used in multiple situations.

Silky Japanese Carpentry Saws

We were at Japanese Tools Australia stand at the Sydney Garden Show where we filmed Christian Timbs using some of the woodworking saws. We had a go too. See them here

Silky Woodworking Saws Gunman vs Gomtaro Large Tooth & Fine Tooth

We were asked by a client which saw was more suitable for framing. He was currently using a Japanese saw but only a 22cm blade. We thought that a video showing a couple of different saws cutting a typical piece of framing timber would be of help. The Gunman has set teeth and slightly larger teeth than the Gomtaro fine tooth saw with non-set teeth and 13 teeth per 30mm. The large tooth Gomtaro has 8 teeth per 30mm.

Silky Genki - The Best Fixed Handle Bushcraft Saw

There's so much to say about the Genki Temagari, the unknown saw in the Silky Saws range. Perfect for a bushcraft saw, the Genki is a sharpenable saw with five different blade lengths from 30cm to 50cm. Being a fixed full tang handle it is strong enough to handle any cutting task you give it. Shenae and Nita give you a complete rundown....

Left handed curved Silky Saw

Want a left-handed saw? Shenae shows how you can turn your Tsurugi into a left handed saw to fit in the scabbard on your left side.

Lock the Levers on your Silky Pole Saw Pt1

Shenae explains why it is important to lock the buttons and the levers when using a Silky Pole Saw.
See how to replace the spacer on your Silky Pole Saw.
ALL Replacement parts for all Silky Pole saws are available on our website!

Lock the Levers on your Silky Pole Saw Pt2

Silky Telescopic Pole Saws extend to 7.7 metres. A little care and attention will give you years of service. Shenae explains some things to be aware of when using your Silky pole saw. Parts for all Silky Saws are available.
Click the link for Pole Saw Parts and Blades.

How to choose a Silky Big Boy Part 2

Shenae shows how to change a Big Boy blade. Both Nita and Shenae cut with the Big Boys on the same piece of wood and share their opinion.

How to choose a Silky Big Boy PART 1

The ladies explain the differences between each of the saws and help you choose the perfect Big Boy for the job. Whether you are pruning Bamboo or need a big folding saw to cut down a large branch. The Silky Big Boy folding saw has your back

Silky Pocket Boy and Okatsune Secateurs - The Perfect Pruning Combination

Kerchunk, kerchunk. The enjoyable sound of a perfect cut by a pair of Okatsune secateurs. You will grow to love it. Not to mention how much you will also enjoy swiping the handle tag across your jeans to lock and unlock them. And if the limb is too big for the secateurs, whip out the Pocket Boy. You are on fire.

Silky Saws Gift Ideas

How about a range of tools for the gardener in the family. From Bionic Gloves to secateurs and pruning saws. There's something here that is not your usual gift. And if you put it in the comments, we will even gift wrap it.

The Pocket Boy from Silky Saws

Silky Pocket Boy, nicknamed the 'Little Giant', you will be amazed at the size of the wood they can cut. A Pocket Boy will take up very little room in your pocket, backpack or glove box.

Which Silky Saws can be sharpened?

Learning to sharpen Japanese tri-edge tooth saws takes a bit of patience. But it is well worth the effort. Once you have mastered the technique you will want to sharpen all the saws in the Silky Saws range that aren't impulse hardened

Silky Longboy Review

Designed to fit in the ute without being taken apart. The blade head folds and clamps to the pole at only 1.45mtr. The Silky Longboy is strong, light weight and the blade cuts beautifully smooth (unless you're cutting your fingers and then it feels aggressive). It is ideal for pruning branches at a higher position without ever climbing a ladder.

Silky Survival Saws and Axes

We are getting more and more enquiries lately about which saws would be best for long bush walks, bushcraft, wild camping, survivalism and doomsday peppers. It's becoming crazy popular. So to make things easier for us to answer questions, Jannita & Shenae literally put themselves in their shoes! Two city girls in the bush, what could we possibly have learnt?

Survival Gear - Making a fire

Nita and Shenae learn the art of making a successful fire. Rich Hungerford gives them tips and tricks to something that seems like an easy task. Watch and meet Rich, SES warrior.

Survival Day - Trap Building

Who knew that learning how to survive could be so much fun! Jannita and Shenae learnt so much with Rich from Bushlore. Jannita and Shenae don't like to talk about things they don't understand or sell tools for uses they really don't know if the product will perform well with.

Survival Day - Building a Shelter

Nita and Shenae brush up on their survival skills with Rich Hungerford from Bushlore Australia. Being a SAS Warrior helps with his extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. Today we learn how to build a Shelter fit for a King.

How you break your Silky Saw

Nita and Shenae break open the case on broken blades. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME (bend the blade as we are in this picture) Don't push me because I'm close to the edge! Watch and find out more....

Silky Gomboy Folding Saw

Nita and Shenae explain the differences between the 8 different Gomboys. Need a hand figuring out which one to buy, then this is the video to watch!

How to change the button spring on your Silky Pole Saw

Nita and Shenae show you a great little invention that makes changing the springs in your pole saw, super easy! This handy little tool is easy to make or you can purchase on from our website.

Silky Bigboy 2000 vs Silky Natanoko 2000

What's the difference between the popular Silky Bigboy 2000 and the greatest multipurpose saw, the Silky Natanoko 2000? Watch the girls' review. An arched blade is in between a straight and curved blade. The slight curve in the blade makes the saw efficient cutting at all angles.

Silky Saws Gift Ideas

Buying gifts can be tricky! Especially when they drop hints that they want something fantastic from our site but then they don't specify exactly what it is, arrrh too much choice! Nita and Shenae show you some of the great products that they have that make the best gifts! Check it out.....

Leg Straps for Silky Saws

Nita and Shenae show the different options you have to attach your Silky Saw, while wearing the brightest Chainsaw protection pants ever!

Castellari Secateurs, loppers & hedge trimmers

Castellari's trademark for pruning tools is its striking cuts that prevent kick-back on the user's wrist. Hot-forged blades and counter-blades are a distinguishing feature of Castellari that positions the company amongst the market leaders.

EASy way to Clean your tools

Silky Saws cut exceedingly FAST & EFFICIENT! To keep them this way we recommend that you clean your blades with 'EASy Saw Cleaner', to remove resin deposits and give an anti bacterial treatment. A build up of resin/sap will make the blade harder & slower to cut with. We also recommend spraying the blades with a lanolin based lubricant, for longer protection.

Silky Forester Pole Saw

The Forester is a light weight telescopic oval shaped pole saw that telescopes to 4.9 mtrs. The colour makes it easy to see if left outside and the weight means anybody can use it. It is even light enough to climb with. The blade length is 38cm's and is a non-sharpenable blade that has been impulse hardened on the cutting tips. The Forester blade stays sharp for about three sharpens of a sharpenable Silky Saw blade. For the average home gardener you will probably never replace this blade in your lifetime.

Deejo knives

Deejo is not another knife for knife enthusiasts. Deejo addresses a broader audience. They invite everyone to re-kindle the pleasure of having a handy knife: to cut a T-bone steak, peel an apple, slice pizza, open a parcel or love letters I send you, or simply stir your coffee... Have a look at Deejo with Nita and Shenae....

Zubat Silky Telescopic pole saw Review

Much More than just a blade on a swimming pool pole! If those palm fronds are just out of reach, or you want a great companion while climbing. This pole saw could be your next bff. Silky once again produce a beautiful, lightweight, easy to use, and a stunner to look at telescopic pole saw. Not to mention that the blade can be converted to a handsaw. Let Shenae and Nita show you how.

Silky Saws Sugoi Sheath Breakdown

The Silky scabbards are designed by an award winning Japanese timber furniture designer. Not only do you get world's best saw functionality you get the best looking scabbards on the market. And with the Sugoi there is also a bonus, have you guessed it? watch and find out...

How to Raise Your Silky Pole Saw

Shenae from Silky Saws Australia shows the easiest and safest way to raise your Silky Pole Saw to full height. This technique can be used with all of the Silky Pole Saws